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The Trust is providing access for all governors to a range of subscription services and training websites during 2021/22. This is in response to governor feedback that the ability to undertake their own independent online learning, at a time which suited them was important. The majority of these subscriptions offer regular email bulletins which can help governors to stay informed on key topics related to their role(s) and a catalogue of online training modules to increase knowledge and understanding. Please send copies of any completed training certificates to your local Clerk who can keep a record of your training and development as a governor.

Specific training recommendations are also included within the Role Descriptors for the variety of positions that governors hold within their Local Governing Committees.

 Please raise any additional training requests with your Chair/Vice Chair in the first instance.

National Governance Association 

  • If you are unable to log in to the National Governance Association website, please contact your local Clerk who will register you.

Learning Link 

  • When you are registered with the National Governance Association, you can additionally access the Learning Link portal. You must first self-register, by clicking here
  • When searching for your school please type ‘Dean Trust’ and then select your Local Governing Body
  • You will then receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards and you will be able to access Learning Link.

Governors for Schools Development Tracker 

  • Registration details can be found here.
  • Training videos will follow to outline how to maximise use of the tracker.

Governors for Schools

  • You can self-register for this website at no cost, however you do not need to be registered in order to access the training modules.

The School Bus

  • If you are unable to log in to The School Bus website, please contact your local Clerk who will register you.

Trust Journal

  • This sector specific journal is published twice termly and is available to access without subscription.
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